Anne Marie and Aidan

“It was a unique and special process to have Kassandra design our wedding bands. Her enthusiasm seeps into the creative process. 

Kassandra worked meticulously to ensure she created exactly what we wanted, always going that extra mile. She even sent videos and photos of prototypes to ensure we were involved at each step. We now have two precious rings crafted with love, which we will treasure forever.” 

Thank you, Kassandra xxx”

Karolina and Toby

“We both feel so lucky that we met Kassandra. After previously having a bad experience with making the engagement ring it was difficult to trust again. We had very precious for us pink sapphire as we wanted to use it to make an engagement ring. Kassandra was very professional and from the beginning made us feel relaxed that made us enjoy the whole process. At the initial meeting she listened to our ideas but also showed us how different details look on other rings which was very helpful. With her guidance we decided what we wanted and scheduled the next meeting where Kassandra presented us a silver maquette of the ring. Again it was very helpful to see how the ring will look like and we decided for one little adjustment. When we finally picked up the ring we both were touched by its beauty. Thanks to Kassandra we have this beautiful and unique ring - symbol of love, I get complements about it all the time. We feel very grateful to meet Kassandra in our journey and have her involved in making the engagement ring that means a lot for both of us. We will definitely go back to Kassandra in the future and will always shout out to everyone how talented she is! “


“I cannot speak highly enough of Kassandra. Her designs are unique, well -crafted and timeless. Everywhere I go people where I bought the necklace or earrings that I have from her collection. During my travels in India and Africa, my favourite ‘Night Sky’ necklace was the only piece of jewellery I wore. It led to lots of compliments!

Whenever I need a jewellery repair I only ever go to Kassandra. Given that she is incredibly talented and both designs and creates things herself, she really appreciates the story and the sentiment behind the jewellery.”


“I came into your pop up shop on Clerkenwell Green in 2016 & bought a silver necklace - it was a circular pendant which looks like two rings melded into one. I was pregnant with twins at the time & thought it seemed appropriate! :)

I now receive your emails & was on the lookout for some small simple but unique gold earrings to wear regularly - I now don't have much jewellery that I can wear a lot as I don't want the twins catching themselves on any sharp edges or grabbing anything too delicate. I'd been looking for a suitable pair for ages then had a look on your site & the Luna earrings just seem perfect. I also really like buying jewellery from independent jewellers, it's so much nicer to wear when it has good provenance & a story. I've realised that I'm wearing your lovely silver necklace in a recent picture with the twins (who are now 8 weeks old - Isaac & Joshua) .”


“Kassandra makes beautiful, high quality jewellery. I wear my gold and rhodium plated stud earrings every day. I love them because they are unique but also classic.

Kassandra is a very talented jeweller. I was so happy when she repaired and restored my ring after it was accidentally crushed flat! It came back perfectly shaped, and shinier than ever - better than new.

Kassandra took the time and care to source the perfect beads to repair my delicate necklace, and even replaced the clasp with a stronger one so it would not break again. Thank you!”


“I went to Kassandra to create a rose gold bespoke necklace to commemorate the birth of my first child. I wanted something unique and the jewellery to mean something.

I wasn’t sure of which precious gemstones I wanted. Kassandra was very friendly when I met her. I felt comfortable asking her lots of questions and making me feel at ease. Kassandra took the time to explain to me about several green gemstones to pick from. After careful consideration from Kassandra’s advice I picked the peridot stone due to the unique olive green of the stone. I wear this pendant to celebrate the life of my daughter Xadani and wear it everyday.

I was happy to find out later that Kassandra repairs jewellery. Kassandra repaired a family heirloom-my grandmother’s locket pendant. The chain was broke. I was very excited to wear it again.”


“I was super excited to buy a Jupiter ring and rose gold necklace from Kassandra. Her expertise and attention to detail means she makes timeless great quality pieces. I’ve also gifted her jewellery to many friends, it makes the perfect special present.”

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