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I have fallen in love with jewellery since I was 9 years old.

This gold locket changed my life. My mum gave me this gold locket at 9 years old. This was the start of my love for jewellery. I knew it was gold and delicate, so I had to take care of it. This was first gold jewellery item. My mum was a single parent, and did not have much money. I knew that she saved, sacrificed and grafted for me for a nearly a year to buy this precious gift. 20 years later I still have it in pristine condition. Every time I see this or wear this locket I feel love, a strong bond between a mother and daughter. I remember my childhood and great Christmases. These memories and warm feelings will never die. Thank you mum xxxx

The love for jewellery developed in my teens:

When I was 13, I noticed that jewellery transformed people. I saw when people wear jewellery it brings their personality to life. They have a story that I want them to tell me.

I used to buy my family and friends jewellery presents. When they saw the jewellery I gave them, I felt the joy I see on their faces. They felt the love from me and the bonds between the people I loved grew stronger.

Jewellery equals love.

Working in London:

I am an ethical jewellery designer maker. I have lived in many places in the UK and settled in London seven years ago. I have worked in the public and voluntary sector for nearly 10 years. I have studied jewellery manufacture and design in Hatton Gardens (the UK’s biggest jewellery district). I learnt the traditional techniques of making handmade jewellery, before setting up my East London studio. I studied at Holts Academy. In addition, I write poems and stories.

I design ethical jewellery with the dress codes of a range of professional industries in mind; from minimalist styles for the more formal work environments to loud pieces for creatives.

I am the ethical fine jeweller of choice for hard working and confident women who want pieces that they can wear seamlessly from day to night.

I feel my jewellery style is minimalistic with organic, textured elements contrasting with geometric shapes. It is always infused with storytelling.

Jewellery show highlights:

  • - 4 solo gallery shows at Craft Central

  • - IJL New Designer Exhibitor 2015

  • - IJL Chosen Trend Designer for ‘Geo-Form’ 2015

  • - Islington Wedding Fair March 2016

  • - Bohemian Dreams Wedding Show May 2016

  • - Wolf and Badger Trunk Show June 2016

  • - For Arts Sake Gallery Trunk Show July 2016

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